Saturday, March 15, 2008

#8 First Look

Oops, apologise for been MIA for so long. Recently was tied down to my work at the same time, my stomach has been upsetting me the whole week. Couldn't understand the reason why, but I assume everything is ok for the fact that I hate to see a doctor.

Lately I had a colleague who is now known by my ex-colleague, just had his job switched to Jap advertising firm. Then he sms us saying that the Jap chicks there are really hot and cute with really mini skirts.

Then it actually strikes me, are we all superficial creatures? Our eyes are naturally attracted to beautiful things or people. I am not refering to everyone but rather generally, well of course including of me. Our eyes follow whenever hunks or chicks walked past us.

Yesterday I saw 3 models-look-alike walking past in Esplanade. I couldn't calculate how many times I turned back just wanting to see them more. Sometimes I wonder, how does it feel to be one who attract attention in a good way. You probably got to have a very good figure, irresistiable charm and a perfect combination of features.

The importance of look seem to be very common or has become one of the conditions when it comes to looking for a partner. So does a person's character matters anymore? I really have no idea. I don't really believe in love at first sight actually. I thought it was rather superficial. But what drawns 2 people together? Does it all starts with the first impression? And what if she/he ended up not the kind of person that you thought it was suppose to be?

I guess each one of us has a different set of criteria. What sets the heartbeat to race faster than the normal could be anything. But before the adrenaline rush takes over, remember to look in depth rather than the surface.


Anonymous said...

attraction of the looks are just like a CV that you give your potential employer. You may have the best qualification but you may not be able to handle real-life situations and have not adequate EQ.

A CV makes you stand out from the rest and gets the employer to want to interview you and find out more about you. He/she may find out after they hire, that the person does not get along with collegues well and cannot perform the job well...after some months into the job.

Same thing! Looks may be like a CV. It makes you stand out momentarily only. It may get you to the door...but how far you get to walk in..depends on your character and personality. IF you do not have the look (CV) does not mean you're done for. It just means that you may have to be more creative in getting the "attention" or proving yourself.

I Am Single said...

Hey, you got an interesting analogy! Kinda agree with what you mentioned. At the same time, people rely on first instinct even after interview and tend to enter the hiring process in a hassle just because the position needs to get filled as quickly as possible.