Monday, January 26, 2009

#12 3 Might-be Romantic Proposing Ideas...

Is 2009.
Many of my friends are getting married this year.
Even those who are not, at least planning to?
(Anyway, not my cup of tea.. I'm in love with being a single, remember?)

Getting down to the point, here are some ideas which I found over the internet for some not-very-creative men (no offence but if you're here... arhhm, you know what I mean...)

  1. Eve tempted Adam with an apple and the rest is history. Send your would-be mate an apple with a note saying "Try me". (Before that, make sure she fully understands the story of Adam and Eve. If not, she'll probably just bite it off.)

  2. Try taking out a classified ad in the lonely hearts section of a newspaper then deliver the paper to your love, having encircled your advert with a heart. Alternatively, ring-and-run after fixing a heart-shaped wreath of flowers on her front door. (Plan your route before your run before you struggles to find any hideout)

  3. Go to a beach in the middle of the night and with petrol, pour it in the shape of a heart and opening her eyes, you light up the petrol and a burning shape of a heart will show "Your flamming passion for her..." (You may backfire yourself and end up in the jail, check with the authorities before you proceed.)
Anyway, enjoy your holidays. Happy Chinese Mooooooo Year..!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

#11 Its Valentine's Day round the corner...

No doubt, many will agree that Valentine's day is a concentrated marketing effort to bring up sales for the related lovers' product as time goes by.

For the unromantic guys, you wonder why is there such a day call Valentine's Day.

Well, this day is named after two among the numerous Early Christian martyrs named Valentine and it has became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love florished.

Since then, it has become a day for people to express their loves freely by sending postcards or love poems. (according to Wikipedia) Gradually, it has evolve to sending gifts like flowers and presents.

And because of the marketing, I bet guys are preparing to smash the little dirty rusty piggy coinbank to get ready for the jack-up-prices of the roses. (It isn't really worth to buy but what can you do if the ladies love them??!!) But do you know how many roses to buy and what does it mean? Read on...

NOTE: You should never send a woman 12 roses! Send 11 only which means 'You're my 1 and only 1"

No of roses:
#1 = You're the 1 that I love
#2 = I think loving 2 is more cool
#3 = I LOVE U (3 words)
#5 = I LOVE U (5 letters)
#8 = I LOVE YOU (8 letters)
#8 = You have a curvacious body
#11 = You're my 1 and only 1
#12 = You're my first 1 but I have a 2nd love too
#69 = Lady, are you ready to shag?
#101 = You will be my 1st and last 1
#543 = Undying love (in cantonese)
#666 = Let's go to hell together
#1001 = I shall START and END my life with you...
#anything more than 1001 = please help to save the environment!!!

A bouquet of flowers is a must on Valentine's day especially if both of you are dining out. What can make a girl more happy than holding onto a bouquet of flowers on the street comparing to those who do not have one?

For the singles ladies, stop all the self-pitying and might as well get your favourite flower for yourself. Better still, celebrate this day with your friends because Valentine's day is also known as Friendship day too!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

#10 I Wish You Love

To all those who happen to be EMO,

Some night, memories of the past flashed back,
perhaps triggered by an unprepared coincidence,
or a message which you thought you never want to receive.
You vaguely remembered how it felt been out of love.
You sighed, perhaps a tug at your chest.
Your long-heal wound hurts slightly again.

As far as you could remember, it was not a pleasant journey to go through.
At the same time, you are grateful that somehow or rather
you survived through the toughest stormy weather.
The sunshine eventually come and made you to who you are today.

You realise, it's just someone who you have been with for sometime, gone.
Out of your life.
And that someone has become someone else. That's all.
The dreadful moments and memories had gone for long and for good.
The time has come to wish them with all our loves, while waiting for the sign that signals us
to welcome the next better player.

One of my most likeable versions by Rachael Yamagata.
(if song does not auto play in 15 seconds, click here)

I wish you blue bird in the spring
To give your heart a song to sing
And then a kiss, but more than this
I wish you love

And then July a lemonade
To cool you in some leafy glade
I wish you health but more than wealth
I wish you love

My breaking heart and I agree
That you and I could never be
So with my best, my very best
I set you free

I wish you shelter from a storm
A cosy fire to keep you warm
But most of all, when snowflakes fall
I wish you love

My breaking heart and I agree
That you and I could never be
So with my best, my very best
I set you free

I wish you shelter from a storm
A cosy fire to keep you warm
But most of all, when snowflakes fall
I wish you love

And most of all, and snowflakes fall
I wish you...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

#9 The North and The South, The Mars and The Venus

First and foremost, I would like to thank those who had contributed ideas and contents to this blog. BGR (boy-girl relationship) has always been the hot topic in conversations/discussions within any group of demographics. And I really appreciate for the chance to be the only girl in a group discussion with some nice guy friends who shared some of the strategies, techniques and comments without any reservations. It really enhances the statement of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus".

Sometimes we wonder how can a guy and a girl's thinking be so distinctive? Generally, from a female standpoint, the thing we ask for is very simple - Attention. We can never understand why our boyfriends rather play their favourite computer games than spending time listening to us on the phone. We can never understand why they can stay up watching soccer games all night long, getting themselves so tired when we are on a date the following day.

Likewise, men withdraw to their own world until they find a solution to a problem. This allow them time to distance themselves from the problem, focus on something else until they revisit the problem with new perspectives. But ladies require to talk about the issues when they are stress or in need for a solution. And if this attention span is not given, the major conflict between the two genders will begin.

During the discussion, I came to know how one of them spent effort during the courtship. One of his actions was, picking up 1218 of saga seeds (the number happen to be the girl's birthdate), placed in a very nice bottle with small framed photo of the two of them. The idea is simple, but the process was tedious. He made 2 trips down to the park due to insufficient seeds collected in the first attempt. Then, finding a nice glass bottle, suspend the framed photo at the centre of the bottle. It was not easy as it is been said.

(The above picture is solely for illustration. It is not the actual product.)

When the present was presented to the girl on her birthday, though she was moved, but he wasn't accepted as her boyfriend. Instead, after the event, she was expecting for another touching move or gift from him to make it official. Most guys will wonder, " What the hell? What else she want? Hadn't him done enough?" However, it wasn't our intention to make things difficult. In fact, it is only a different way of calculations. A guy may think that his effort worth 40 points, but a girl calculates the presents not as a whole.

Gift itself = 1 point, Nice bottle = 1 point, with nice photo of hers = 1 point, saga seeds = 1 points, candles and music = 1 point, with cards = 1 point, flowers = 1 point etc...

Thus men's perceived value of his effort may be different from ladies as we calculate differently! As a result, guy complained to their friends, wonder what went wrong for not receiving enough appreciations. Then a pattern of thinking begins to form. "No use for doing so much, they don't appreciate at all! " Eventually, the ladies grumbled, for insufficient effort made. It sounds familiar, isn't it?

To figure out the differences is not difficult. Both parties need to be more observant (which most of the guys hated), have more patience and be more understanding to each other.

A good suggestion for guys is to read women's magazine (not looking at pretty pictures but reading their stories). It is also to my surprise that some guys are smart enough to start it out already.

I can't really offer ways on getting girls to understand how a guy think for the fact that I am not a guy! Guys should be in a better position to advise on this. Any takers? Something I can think of is asking a guy instead of our girlfriends' opinions and heed them with open mind.

As a girl, we can never understand what is going on in their minds just like they don't understand what is going on in ours! As much as possible, avoid guessing games which are too difficult. At the very end of the day, guys are much more simple-minded than we think they are. Don't you agree?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

#8 First Look

Oops, apologise for been MIA for so long. Recently was tied down to my work at the same time, my stomach has been upsetting me the whole week. Couldn't understand the reason why, but I assume everything is ok for the fact that I hate to see a doctor.

Lately I had a colleague who is now known by my ex-colleague, just had his job switched to Jap advertising firm. Then he sms us saying that the Jap chicks there are really hot and cute with really mini skirts.

Then it actually strikes me, are we all superficial creatures? Our eyes are naturally attracted to beautiful things or people. I am not refering to everyone but rather generally, well of course including of me. Our eyes follow whenever hunks or chicks walked past us.

Yesterday I saw 3 models-look-alike walking past in Esplanade. I couldn't calculate how many times I turned back just wanting to see them more. Sometimes I wonder, how does it feel to be one who attract attention in a good way. You probably got to have a very good figure, irresistiable charm and a perfect combination of features.

The importance of look seem to be very common or has become one of the conditions when it comes to looking for a partner. So does a person's character matters anymore? I really have no idea. I don't really believe in love at first sight actually. I thought it was rather superficial. But what drawns 2 people together? Does it all starts with the first impression? And what if she/he ended up not the kind of person that you thought it was suppose to be?

I guess each one of us has a different set of criteria. What sets the heartbeat to race faster than the normal could be anything. But before the adrenaline rush takes over, remember to look in depth rather than the surface.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

#7 The Big Confession?

Telling someone you like him/her is rather difficult for some people. Especially when you are unsure of that person's feeling. Tradionally, guys are always the one who initiate the confession. Ladies will just have to drop hints here and there, hoping the one they like will somehow or rather 'catch' it.

But ladies, is the 21st century!! We no longer have or must be the passive one waiting for the love confession to drop somehow. We can chose to be the one or not be the one to make the first step for our relationship. We have a choice which may or may not put us on a better position. Why do I say so?

The Pros

- No more waiting!
- No more guessing game!!
- Know instantly if is a open door or shut door for your relationship.

The Cons

- Making things too easy for guys
- Allow excuse for guys not to do anything
- Self-esteem

Of course all these above are my personal opinions. You either agree more or disagree more to it. It doesn't matter. What matter most is everyone went through the same stage or had the experience of struggling whether to express your love to the one you like.

To decide whether is a Yes to confess is not easy. A lot of courage are needed. Will the confession serves a back-fire to the friendship? Most Asian have this kind of in-depth consideration, while caucasians tend to be more open.

Don't have too many thoughts on confession. Trust and believe that confession is just a way to express your feelings. Caucasians did it so easily.

I had confession before and it was heart attack at the beginning. But it really gave me a clear picture on whether is it just only a friendship or love.

Relax, is just a confession. If too much thoughts given, nothing will get started. You can just wait and wait until the cows come home. Letting love just by-pass you time and again (no wonder you are still single). Be the proactive one for the ladies may be a bit hard if you measure it against the self-esteem. I understand. It is a give and take. You either be the taker or the giver. You chose.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

#6 Why Singles In Love?

Over lunch, someone actually dropped me a question as to why I named my blog as Singlesinlove? My answer to that was very simple. Wouldn't that brings you to find out why in my blog? Haha.

Well, the only thing I thought of was why can't the singles be in love too as well?

As long as your status remains Single, you can be either available or the other way round. Sometimes even the loveliest couple would also want to have some time for their own. That is why my blog is here to provide some entertainment (I hope it served the purpose well).

Anyway, do poll as much as you can on the right. It's a very interesting topic that came from conversations with my friends when they saw the post before this. Of course, more wonderful insights from them

Well, we shall see where the poll heads to. =)